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What is open on Presidents Day? Are banks, the DMV, the courts, etc open?

Intro: As a traveler, it may be beneficial for you to know what is open on Presidents Day. It is a federal holiday and many things are closed. While many businesses will be open for the holiday, there are some that will or could close that will affect your travel plans.

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What are Federal Holidays?

The federal holidays in the U.S. have been sanctioned by the U.S. government to commemorate various events. Holidays like Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day, Jr. Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the federal holidays in the United States.

During federal holidays, the non-essential offices of the federal government are closed, and federal employees receive holiday pay. That said, many non-federal entities also take the day off.

What is Open on Presidents Day? Tips to Know?

In general, if you're wondering:

  • are banks open?
  • is the DMV open?
  • are courts open?
  • are colleges and schools open?
  • is the stock market open on Presidents Day?

It's safe to assume that they won't be. Many individual businesses and organizations may remain open if they are not federal entities. However, good travel planning requires that you're prepared for things to be closed and plan accordingly.

And it's good to note if you're saying somewhere long-term -- for a month or more and you get regular services like trash removal on Feb. 17, 2014, your garbage may not be taken away until later in the week.

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Most other places like Walmart, fast food restaurants, etc. will be open, allowing travelers to buy essentials, stop for lunch or stock up on items. Walmart is also having a Presidents Day sale.

Happy Travels!

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