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What is never discussed about abortion

Abortion will eventually enter into the category of "bleeding a patient" for useless and destructive medical procedures once enlightenment registers to what really is going on.
Abortion will eventually enter into the category of "bleeding a patient" for useless and destructive medical procedures once enlightenment registers to what really is going on.

Perhaps it is best if we don’t know. Those that get an abortion don’t want to think about it. Abortion providers and supporters sure don’t want to discuss it. And even pro-life forces rarely go down the road that is a powerful counterpoint about America’s most controversial issue since slavery.

Nobody wants to ascertain the morality of having an abortion.

The issue of cost and inconvenience will be talked about. The woman’s right to choose will be the top point. Fallacies about the fetus not really being human will be thrown out concerning the baby just being a lump of flesh. And of course the fetus does not really have a conscience, right?

A fetus begins to have brain activity at twelve weeks. That’s the standard that determines if a human being is alive or not. With a fetus the abortion forces ignore that standard mostly due to political expediency instead of medical reasons. This contradiction is a moral issue rather than a question of whether abortion should be performed or not at twelve weeks. Brain activity of the fetus is conveniently ignored.

The Bible holds several reasons why abortion should be repugnant to Christian believers beginning with God’s hatred of the shedding of innocent blood clearly stated in Proverbs 6:16-18. This emphasis is a repeat of the covenant established by Noah upon disembarking from the ark in Genesis. God’s standard of shedding the blood of man would require the blood of the offending party.

A proper edict was established by God through Moses concerning “an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”. This statement has nothing to do with revenge, a popularized revamp away from the actual intentions by those wrongly dividing the word of truth. The truthful standard is designed to compensate an unborn baby of a pregnant mother that is injured during a fight between two brawling drunkards.

The obvious issue is God’s concern for proper punishment and justice for an injured fetus. God has divine knowledge and personal understanding “before you were in your mother’s womb”. We may not understand, however the Bible is loaded with facts that scientists or medical experts have not been able to dispute.

Jesus articulated the bigger reality of spiritual laws to Nicodemus when Christ declared, “if I told you of Earthly things and you do not understand, how then would you understand if I told you of heavenly things?”

This indictment is for intellectuals and those lacking legitimate understanding regarding the practice of abortion, and is the brutal truth, “you really don’t understand what you are doing”.

Advances in modern medicine and technology is exposing the brutal practice of abortion for what it really is, an inane practice which ignores the morality of performing an abortion, a brutality which does not take the potential conscience of a fetus at twelve weeks, and the ignoring of a super intelligence above our own that clearly displays insights far beyond our knowledge.

Abortion advocates can no longer play the “ignorance is bliss card” and pretend there is insufficient evidence regarding the viability of a fetus medically or spiritually. It is clearly intellectual dishonesty to attempt to prop up the dogma that fetuses slaughtered in the womb have no impact of accountability. It is unreasonable to push the asinine abortion agenda forward as though nothing is different from 1972.

The practice of abortion is now as irrelevant to the health process as the old archaic practice of bleeding a patient to purge sicknesses and disease.

The exploitation of women for financial gain was pointedly revealed in the Dr. Kermit Gosnell case where federal agencies there to regulate Pennsylvania’s abortion industry basically refused to do their job. Multiple complaints for decades were ignored by these pro-abortion sympathizers who were more interested in their point of view than caring about the exploited women. It should have been about taking a moral stand if nothing else.

The process for the creation of life is treated with disdain by showing such disrespect for a miracle that may not take place anywhere else in the universe. This disregard for life would be treated quite differently if the Mars rover discovered the very same building blocks on the Red Planet as in the womb of a female. There would be boisterous bellowing of thunder from the same zealots spouting about life being found on another planet.

It would not then be just a glob of flesh.

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