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What is more important to Maryland: The Purple Line or statement on Holocaust?

The Washington Post editorial board should fear the branding of “anti-Semites” after concluding Maryland’s Holocaust bills (SB 754, HB 1326) are bad for business.

Remember Keolis North America is owned by the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais (SNCF), a company that transported detainees to Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

What is at stake is how much taxpayers will pay for the $6 billion contract to operate the Purple Line. In addition to public funds, fare prices keep going up for all users. The federal government could withhold a $900 million grant if the state passes the bill. It seems there is a little matter of a treaty with France the proposal violates. Without the federal funds, the Purple Line is dead.

“Last fall, the top executives of the Israeli and French national railways signed a wide-ranging accord, deepening their long-term partnership and committing the French to help the Israelis nearly double their rail passenger capacity by 2020. The partnership between Israeli Railways and SNCF, the French railway, dates back to 2000 and has not been the subject of controversy in Israel,” the Post opined March 16.

“That fact seems to have been lost on lawmakers in Annapolis, who for the second time in three years have embarked on a showy bit of posturing aimed at an offshoot of SNCF, Keolis North America, which is bidding on a major rail contract in Maryland. The ostensible reason: SNCF’s undeniable complicity during World War II in transporting more than 75,000 Jews from France to Germany, where almost all were killed.

“Why Maryland lawmakers are more affronted than the Jewish state by SNCF’s Holocaust history is baffling.”

Hold it right there. When this blogger said “Jews have a government. It is called Israel. If Israel wants to make a case, let it,” he was labeled an anti-Semite for suggesting as much. One of the condemners has threatened to kill another who was the target of her wrath since then. Maybe the Post should tighten its security.

Del. Kirill Reznik (D-Germantown), who introduced the House bill, told Examiner the proposal is about human rights. “…(A)nd though SNCF is accused of primarily transporting Jews to extermination camps during the Holocaust, those were not the only people that were transported, and my legislation seeks justice for all of them.”

Sen. Joan Carter Conway (D-Baltimore) introduced the Senate bill.

At what cost? The Purple Line? Wasting more tax dollars and time similar to the Walmart bill?

Why, to exclude one of only four competitors on a multi-billion dollar contract? Hopefully these bills will not make it to the floor in Annapolis.

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