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The way of peace they have not known. Each generation has to learn all over again
The way of peace they have not known. Each generation has to learn all over again
by huffingtonpostDOTcom


I suspect that almost everyone knows that marriage is a fundamental foundation of our society. It has been the obvious and conscious way people have declared to all around them of their intent to propagate the species, build structure and teach the next generation. However important that maybe, it is not the most fundamental thing about marriage. Now probably many professed Christians will have problems with this, yet it is time that the concept should come abroad. I will try to keep this as short as possible. I have been told by some of my best friends that my articles are long. I will try to keep them within a page or two. That means fewer explanations yet more conciseness.

God is pictured early on as creating a world of Free will in which a mighty one of his angels was set in high places, given riches and beauty and power like none of us can now fully understand. One great question of the ages has become, how do you create a being with free will that is guaranteed not to violate God’s will? This would keep a future similar situation from happening; let’s say a billion years from now.

The answer that God chose is beyond religious fervor and is quite logical. It was the secret kept from all but Yeshua before the beginning of the world. That secret has been acted out by man since his creation. We all know the Story. God said, “Let us make man, in our image, like us.” That’s it. It is what the whole solution is about. The us is said to be the Father and the Son in (St John 1:1-3) To this day religionists cannot catch on for fear that they are blaspheming. The title Elohim which is plural refers to a Father and Son. And the Spirit is their life force; exhibiting all that they are as persons and is active throughout everything. There is no place where the Spirit of God does not exist it is even in heaven and hell.

To do this extraordinary thing, God made man in dual opposite parts, Male and Female. The Woman, who came from the bosom of the man, receives information (DNA which is like words) from the man and a new being is created. God intimated that because he made them Male and female and all that that means, Man shall leave father and Mother and cleave to his wife. Yeshua (Jesus) reiterated this in Matthew 19:4-6; how the man and women becomes one flesh and how no man has the authority to change this.

Now let’s look at a couple of things about Adam and eve and marriage. Notice when they had a child, scripture says that Adam had a child, in his image, after his likeness? Notice Adam is imaging God in his own life. Man has continued to do the same throughout history. Ever heard a neighbor say, why that child is the spitting image of the father or mother? Well their becoming physically one produces a child in their image. And about the two becoming one flesh, the scripture asks and why one? Then it answers itself, because he seeks a Godly seed.

This is reflected in what God told the Nahash (Serpent, Satan) after he deceived Eve and Adam went along with it. The woman would have a child that would stomp on his (the serpent’s) head and the Serpent would bruise his (the promised child) heel. This seed is Yeshua the Messiah.

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