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What is Mark Rosewater revealing on Monday?

An accurate representation of the man.
An accurate representation of the man.

Official fall set previews on the mothership start a week from Monday, so that's one reason for the Magic community to get excited for this time of year. But Mark Rosewater has given us another: He says his Making Magic article this coming Monday (i.e. August 25) will be announcing something really big, enough to knock all of our socks off. It doesn't have to do with Tarkir block, he says - and it might not be a set at all (he's already said it's definitely NOT the third Un-set, although he wishes it could be). And it's something positive: Not his retirement, or anything like that - he believes in only hyping good news, reasonably enough.

The words "Great Designer Search 3" have been bandied around a lot, and that may be the case, but it's not exactly something to get our hopes up for; that sort of thing only happens when there's a significant vacancy. Mark has been pretty mum on the issue, but when organizedhysteria asked him "Any info about your article on Monday you can give? Like, maybe the first and last letter of the title or of the article?" on his Tumblr blog, he said this:

Okay, I’ll play.

The first letter of the column’s title is M.

The last letter of the column’s title is S.

This is hardly revelatory, but it sure is tantalizing and makes it fun to guess (protip: this means the last word is probably plural). Here are some likely possibilities for the announcement:

  • Great Designer Search 3 (not necessarily a frontrunning possibility but still plausible)
  • Something to do with the Magic movie
  • Some kind of open-source design project, sort of like a perpetual You Make the Card (one can dream, right?)

Until then, we'll all be holding our breaths.

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