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What is making our children mentally unstable

The questions below are the questions of the century which lead to many more questions.

Processed Foods are an unhealthy food choice
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Why has child suicide risen in the last half century?
What is making our children mentally unstable and physically challenged?
Why are children in elementary schools and high schools killing each other?

The answer to these questions may be a very simple one: diet

Could diet possibly be the answer to these questions? It is a very real possibility and if not the total cause of these problems it is contributing to some of the problems in today’s society.

Chemicals and food additives are a real problem. The chemicals and the food additives used in our foods are dangerous to your health. Many have toxic effects on our children’s small bodies.

These additives preserve food and enhance flavor. To see for yourself some of the chemicals that are added to the foods you buy visit The Center For Science In The Public Interest website. This site gives a list of safe additives, and additives to either avoid or cut back on.

Processed foods are killing us and those who live longer than others are getting fatter and more unhealthy day by day and contracting deadly diseases from the unhealthy lifestyle of eating processed foods and the lack of physical activity.

A few of the problems are allergic reactions, hyperactivity, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and cancer.

Top 15 chemical additives in your food

Good read if you are concerned about your children’s health:
Chemical Food Additives - Are They Slowly Killing Our Children?

Remember the healthiest foods to eat are organically grown, unfortunately many of us do not have access to organically grown fruits and vegetables unless you grow them your self.

Everyone should think about growing their own fruits and vegetables even if it’s just a bucket of tomatoes on your porch and herbs in your kitchen window, it’s a start to better health and a better way of life.

The only way to avoid chemical additives in your food is to stop buying processed foods and go organic by either buying or growing your own organic foods.

If you decide to start a garden of your own make sure you buy the right seeds and plants to start your garden, buy only heirloom and organic seeds and plants.

Other seeds are genetically enhanced (Hybrid) so that when you grow them their seeds are non-reproductive. Other words you can not use the seeds to re-plant.

There are many places to buy heirloom and organic seeds but below is one on-line store you can order from: Burpee

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