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What is low-calorie, cancer-fighting, and highly consumed on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is only 10 days away, and for so many people it is a great time to celebrate being with family and friends. It also helps that it is the one day in the year that slightly or fully over-indulging is acceptable.  There's one food item you'll come in direct contact with that you can feel guilt-free about (even with left-overs)... turkey!

Everyone knows that L-tryptophan is found in turkey, and it is often the blame for why people feel sleepy after the meal. I bet you didn't know, however, that there is a trace mineral found in turkey that is cancer-fighting... Selenium.  This element is a key component in immunity, thyroid metabolism and antioxidant defense.  Selenium is also one of the top foods recommended for cancer-fighting (especially to lower PSA for men) because it helps repair cell damage, inhibits cancer cell growth, and is essential for a liver-detox enzyme to function.  Four ounces of turkey comprises just shy of 50% of your daily value for selenium, and 27% of vitamin B6, which is also useful in cancer prevention and heart health.

Besides being full of the feel-good amino acid, L-tryptophan, and full of cancer fighting selenium, turkey is low in calories for a protein rich food source, has a good amount of both vitamin B6 and B3 and phosphorus.