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What is local SEO?

A lot of business owners who are trying to improve their website’s view rate have asked what is local seo? While most business owners know they need to attract local clients with their websites, few of them know how to do this. The question of what is local SEO is essential for anyone who owns a business that caters to local customers.

So what is local SEO? In short, this is a way to seed your website with keywords that search engines such as google will associate with a local area. When local customers use a search engine to look for local places that offer your business’ particular goods or services, having your website optimized for local SEO will make sure that your business is one of the first websites that come up on the search results page.

In order to optimize your website to attract local customers, it’s first necessary to understand how search engines work. While their exact formulas are not known, most websites use the terms entered by web users as keywords. Websites are then searched for these keywords, and the websites that match the keywords and/or use the keywords frequently are displayed first on the results page.
There are several ways to get a website configured for local seo. To start, make sure that your homepage prominently features the location of your business. Make sure you name the city and state of your business throughout your website. Next, make sure that you are using commonly-used terms to describe what your business does or sells.

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