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What is Lindsay Lohan thinking

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According to Page Six on June 2, Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to make an appearance at a AIDS charity event called Life's Ball in Austria and she never showed. According to a bystander at the event, they handed out a list of all the people participating and their names. Lindsay Lohan was on the list and had the biggest dressing room. By the end of the day, according to a bystander, her name was off the list and her dressing room was open. Lindsay Lohan claims to have missed her flight. According to the sources the flight and hotel was paid by the organization. The celebrities that did attend were Bill Clinton, Courtney Love and Kesha.

It doesn't stop there. On June 3, she was suppose to be in Venice Italy at the Venice International Film Festival to promote her new movie “The Canyons.” She was a no show. Her publicist gave no reason why the absentee actress canceled at the last minute. Direct Paul Schrader said he is a “free man.” He went to say, “For the last 16 months I've been hostage, by my own choosing, to a very talented but unpredictable actress."

According to Traveler's Today, Oprah has decided to cut the reality TV show, 'Lindsay.' Oprah claims to be tired of all the antics of Lindsay from her promises to do better to her legendary sex list. Lindsay is very good at making you believe her. When she said she was ready for this chapter in her life, Oprah believed her. According to the producers of the show, the show was also cut because it had poor ratings.

The show gave viewers a chance to really get to know Lindsay and get to know her struggles. She repeatedly on the show would make promises to do an event, and either come late or just decide not to do it all together. It seems like she is not learning from her mistakes.

If Lindsay is really trying to get her act together, why does she consistently miss important appearances that could further her career? Director Paul Schrader was one director who was still in her corner giving her a chance to work when others wouldn't, and she misses an appearance with no explanation as to why? It doesn't make sense to us, in actuality what Lohan is doing is literally burning all her bridges.

Do you believe Lindsay Lohan can get her act together? What could cause her to miss two appearances in two days?


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