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What is it about plus-size fashion that is so taboo?

Whitney Thompson
Whitney Thompson
first 'plus-size' model to win Americas Next Top Model.

Ever notice that when you Google fashion the first thing you see is Vogue or In-Style, along with a whole slew of designer names, but when you Google plus-size fashion all that appears are specialty sites? Luckily it’s not all bad; those specialty sites recognize the sexiness of the full-figure and demonstrate the glory of the average size 14 women in all the latest styles. The real problem is that those sites that pop-up when some girl is looking for fashion don’t in any way demonstrate the beauty of the average woman.

Thankfully where modern media has failed the public has succeeded. Unhindered by the contemporary fashion ideal, average women manage to live day after day demonstrating personal style and confidence that Vogue cover girls would kill for. Fearless plus-size fashionista’s walk around sporting the charcoal black and vibrant neon of a winter trend and make it look just as good as any Hollywood starlet. Size however, remains a taboo subject in fashion. The average plus-size woman may know she looks good in her neon green pea coat and black skinny jeans, but she also knows she’ll always be considered a member of the plus-size fashion world.

Whatever happened to fashion as fashion regardless of size?