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What is infidelity?

What is infidelity?
What is infidelity?

The second annual State of Dating Report in America recently surveyed 2,600 single adults between the ages of 18 and 59. The target demographic was taken from and One of the topics focused on was the differences in what people consider infidelity.

Having sex with another person once or multiple times came with the same result: 89% of men and women considering that infidelity. Interestingly enough, there was a 2% decrease between women who consider having sex with another once or multiple times, favoring once.

Passionately kissing another person averaged 82% for both men and women polled, however, there was a significant difference with 75% of men agreeing that it constitutes infidelity and 90% of women. Alternately, kissing another person in a non-platonic manner came in at 61%.

In our technological age, it's much easier to have online affairs and emotional relationships. More than half (59%) of men and women agree that texting or flirting online is an act of infidelity and 50% of those polled believe that an emotional affair is still considered cheating.

A whopping 30% said that going to a strip club is cheating, with men coming in at 26% and women coming in at 34%. As for viewing pornography, the overall percentage was 27%, with a significant difference in view based on gender. While 35% of women considered that cheating, only 19% of men agree. The final category was masturbation, with the overall total coming in at 17%, with men at 14% and women at 21%.

From the results of the survey, there is a clear trend in each category: a higher percentage of women considered these items cheating than did men. Talking to your partner about what you are and are not comfortable with before it occurs is important. You can avoid confusion and hurt feelings if your partner consider flirting with someone else an act of infidelity.