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What is indie music?

The road for Indie music is being paved, and it has no boundaries.

What is “Indie” music, you ask? It’s any type of music that is independent of any major record labels. Indie artists are free to create music that represents themselves, rather than commercial interest or corporate profit.

This does not mean that Indie musicians are doomed to live a life of ramen noodles for breakfast and couch camping. There are many musicians who have gained notoriety and financial success through their music, and still remain independent today. Artists such as The Killers, Muse, Iron & Wine and many others are still considered Indie even after having achieved commercial success.

How do Indie musicians remain independent and still become successful you ask? Thanks to Independent recording labels, the internet, and good old fashioned home recording studios, Indie artists are able to produce high quality original music to share with the masses, readily and easily.

Indie music is not a genre, but a practice. To be Indie is not to wear skinny jeans and converse shoes, but to express one’s self through music solely for the purpose of making music. 


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