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What is happening to the world?


Everywhere these days, it seems, the world is in a state of turmoil. We are facing major crises on all fronts - economic, social, political, and environmental. "What is happening to our society?" has become a common question. Are we headed into further chaos? Is there any reason for hope?

Alongside the disturbances and calamities, there is an opposite trend and more importantly a specific series of positive events which people are largely unaware of, as yet. Those who look closely will find, more and more, there is outer evidence that humanity is neither alone in its struggles nor doomed as a civilization. The breakdown of the disfunctional social, political and economic systems built many decades ago is both natural and necessary, in order to completely re-build our structures based on more cooperative, humane and sustainable modes of living. Any type of societal overhaul requires a major kick-start, to be sure. Humanity needs to wake up as a whole and realize its higher potential.

Who can ignite such a shift?

Politicians cannot save us. Ideologies will not redeem us. We need incorruptible, wise and loving guidance so that everyone will know that each of us matters and all are needed.

Such guidance is now ours for the asking. Everywhere there are signs that Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, is now at work in the world. Among other aspects of his colossal mission, Maitreya's first priority will be the provision of adequate food, shelter, education and medical care for all people of all nations. He comes to point the way into a new time, where peace is established through justice, sharing, and mutual trust among nations. Maitreya and his group - the Masters of Wisdom - are now slowly stepping forward into the open, here to offer their incomparable love and self-less service in order to assist humanity in achieving unimaginable levels of advancement compared to our current status. This group of advanced humanity works closely with equivalent groups on other planets - known by some as the "Space Brothers" - who continually visit us in their advanced extraterrestrial craft and offer significant help in areas such as minimizing the deadly effects of nuclear radiation. Hence the rise of UFO sightings in recent decades, and especially in recent years.

Learn more about this story and its many intriguing facets by attending a picture-filled presentation hosted by Betsy Whitfill of Share International Network / Dallas - a group of volunteers who feel it is important to make known this information about Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom to the general public.

"What is happening to the World?"

- A presentation covering everything from the increase in UFO sightings, miracles around the globe, the rise in people power, positive social / political breakthroughs, and other "signs of a new time" ahead.

Saturday, April 9, 2011 – 7:00 pm
Half Price Books – in the Community Room
5803 E. Northwest Hwy (East of Central Expwy), Dallas, Texas
There is no cost for admission


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