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What is happening to Cuyahoga County corruption probe?

The  Cleveland FBI office and the Department of Justice have been investigating Cuyahoga County officials for fraud and corruption.  Numerous individuals have been found guilty and have been sentenced. However, the two most prominent political figures have not been charged with any crime. Even though Jimmy Dimora and auditor Frank Russo have not been named in any of the indictments, the descriptions that are seen in the court document match these elected officials. Cleveland Plain Dealer reports today that a businessman, Ferris Kleem, hired a prostitute in Las Vegas and escorted her to Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora's suite in 2008 as part of a bribery scheme. The prosecutors charged the businessman with "bribing county officials Dimora and Frank Russo in a variety of schemes that included awarding a lucrative road contract, fixing a smoking citation and steering business to a managed care company."Dick Lillie, Dimora's lawyer, said his client did not use a prostitute and did nothing for Kleem.
Will  Ferris Kleem's conviction bring down the Cuyahoga County officials?  Only Cleveland District prosecutors and the FBI can respond to this question. They possess all the evidence. Both Dimora and Russo have not been charged with any crime and deny any wrongdoing.


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