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What is good for the goose is good for the gander

  Ukrainian tank blocked from entering Russian military base
Ukrainian tank blocked from entering Russian military base
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Most of the world has feigned outrage at Putin’s response to the revolution in Ukraine and his actions in Crimea. No one more so than a lonely prisoner currently residing in El Renacer prison. After serving 17 years in Miami and two years in a French prison to be returned home to serve time in El Renacer is bitter sweet.

Our lonely prisoner looks at the news and sees a super power upset that its long term lease for unrestricted navel access is threatened and steps in to protect its national interest. He sees not a shot fired in anger, no one deposed and only the naval base “occupied”. He asks himself why?

He sees the United States, formally his allies making empty threats against the forces protecting the base. He sees their Secretary of State, John Kerry accuse them of violating the UN Charter, the Helsinki act, the 1994 Budapest agreement but stopped short of pointing out the tanks they used in blatant violation of EPA pollution standards. He ponders where did I go wrong?

See our prisoner is Manual Noriega. He wonders why when his country was invaded by a super power to protect their naval access in 1989 no one came to his defense. Even though their president Carter gifted him the Panama Canal and he was on the CIA payroll the invasion still happened. He sees Russia protecting their naval base without killing the estimated 500 during the American invasion and has to ask where the outrage was during his invasion?

He does understand the deposed president of the Ukraine did have friends in high places like John Podester and Davis Manaford (McCain’s 2008 chief lobbyist) running his original campaign. While bringing in Serbs and Georgians trained in non-violent revolution at the same time to foment unrest. (What you didn’t know)

Just like American bases on the Panama Canal, Russia has a lease on bases in Crimea until 2042 they are trying to protect. (Russian warm water port)In fact the same reasons America used for their invasion sound just like Russia excuses for Crimea. Safeguarding the lives of US citizens in Panama, defending democracy and human rights, and the US had a right to defend their interest in the canal.

With all the time in the world to think Manual can understand why Putin sees no risk standing up to Obama to protect his national interest. Even as isolated as he is he can identify the same weaknesses Putin sees as Obama draws red lines in the sand with disappearing ink. He wonders if China will now just take the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands from Japan and remind Obama who holds their debt. He also wonders if he can use his monthly phone call to Obama and ask for his country back.

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