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What is God's Kingdom?

"Belief in God means you believe in the afterlife...I know where I am going!" Mike Rogers- Concordia.
"Belief in God means you believe in the afterlife...I know where I am going!" Mike Rogers- Concordia.


  • Frank Simmons II 6 years ago

    Very nice article. It lets me know that there are people in God's Kingdom from everywhere. Detroit Christianity Examiner.

  • Jenny 6 years ago

    Jehovah's Witnesses are schooled in 'finding common ground',if you like pink elephants they will become experts on pink elephants. That's the beauty of religion and superstition, it has no limits.

    Religion is the most profitable legal business because religions can misquote, misrepresent, and use unethical practices without fear of punishment. It's the absolute best way to scam people I have yet seen

    Google :Jehovah Witness Watchtower

  • Mary Ann 6 years ago

    Wow, Jenny, sounds like you have been mislead a lot. First of all, I don't belong to any religion. I just believe in the Bible. To me, God's name is Jehovah and I will not be afraid to use it for fear that somebody might think that I am a Jehovah's Witness. If there is anything that you think that I have misquoted, let me know. I will be more than happy to clear it up.

  • Bill W 6 years ago

    Jenny - I do not blame you for being cynical - most religions seem like money making ventures. But from my experinces JW's are not. I am not one - but my mother used to attend their meetings. When she died one of the JW elders performed the service for her. I tried to give him 100 dollars for a contribution - he would not take it - or any thing. I told him I wanted to, but he flatly refused. And they do not sell any literature either - they do accept contributions. I was always shocked by this - because most christian churches ask for money - TV evangelists are always begging for money - the catholic church always asks for money. But the JW's do not do that. It really sets them apart from most religions. Even though I have a few objections with certain JW teachings I must admit they really impress me with the way they do not try to extort money from their members and the public. They seem very willing to spread the word of God free of charge - what a concept. Also even though my mothe

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