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What is God

Karen Armstrong, author of The Spiral Staircase and A History of God, talks with Oprah Winfery about the path to finding God in this video segment.

A former Nun, Armstrong calls herself a religious and spiritual individual and feels no one faith is superior to another. She goes on to say that through her research she has determined that every religion has its own insight and genius and feels that all of their paths will lead you to God.

Ms. Armstrong calls the Bible, and other religious scriptures, “starter kits” for finding God. Spiritual writings are tools people are meant to implement and then run with in their own day to day lives.

A common theme in all the religious scriptures, she noted, was that God was indescribable. People don’t really know what they are talking about when they discuss God because we are incapable of truly comprehending the reality of God.

Our notion of existence is limited by our own experience as human beings. We age, we get sick, we die. God’s reality is so far removed from our own reality we can never truly understand it, or God. God is beyond us.

Our desire to understand God is the beginning of our transcendence. This is when we go beyond what can be understood and move into what can be experienced.

It may be impossible to describe God, but it is possible to feel God. According to Ms. Armstrong, “Religious knowledge is a practical form of knowledge, like driving or swimming. You can’t learn to swim or dance by reading a book. You have got to get into the water and learn to float.”

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