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What is Facilitative Leadership?

Qualities of a Facilitative Leader
Qualities of a Facilitative Leader
Penny M. Stein

Being a Facilitative Leader is another strategic tool to add to your Leadership toolkit. So, what is facilitative leadership? My take on facilitative leadership is below, what is yours?

Today’s leaders juggle a plethora of activities, personalities, and demands every day, all day. A leader, plugged in to her constituents, can manage these various needs with aplomb. She carefully developed relationships through observation, engaged listening, compassion, and shared values.

She has a devoted set of constituents that didn’t just appear; rather, she strategically casted them over a period of time. It is through cultivating trust, building alliances, and enabling others to be an integral part of the process that makes a person a leader.

It is coaching staff members to discover the treasure within them that releases self-limiting behaviors, behaviors that invite the Saboteur back into their lives.

It is imagining, believing, and articulating a vision so compelling that others want nothing more than to support you in actualizing it … that’s facilitative leadership.

©2012 Penny M. Stein
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