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What is Event Astrology

Astrology has been used since ancient times in order to foretell future events and the most auspicious of times for weddings or making business deals. We should not dismiss this aspect related to astrology as something obsolete and somewhat superstitious. Event astrology can greatly improve our lives by giving us an idea about when, by what means, and where to do a certain thing. Astrologers shouldn’t overlook the creation and reading of event charts. If we only focus on natal charts, we may acquire a better understanding of ourselves, but we will miss the bigger picture, the real events which form our life.

If you want to know how your relationship is going to develop and where you and your partner may end up, or what awaits you and your friends in the future, then you should take a look at the date and astrological circumstances of your first meeting. This is called the ‘first meeting chart.’ While an astrologer could draw a wealth of important facts from synastry – chart to chart comparison – or a composed chart, the information obtained by this means may sometimes leave out essential details. A thorough study of the astrocartography map of the first meeting chart can provide much more accurate information. For example, if you want to know where you and your spouse will spend your honeymoon, then search for the Venus line and see through which country it runs, and you'll know the answer.

This procedure works efficiently in the case of any event. Let’s take for example a car accident. When the owner of the car bought it, a contract was signed, establishing its date of “birth” (metaphorically speaking). When the owner accidentally crashes the car, he has to pay quite a lot in order to fix it. From an astrological point of view, at the time of the crash, Mercury was transiting the sixth House cusp – which is correlated with accidents – and the Moon was transiting the second House cusp – which stands for expenses. However, the owner's chart doesn’t show anything. If you wonder why that may be, it is because each element of this world has its own path, and therefore its own chart. The car was meant to crash, but the owner wasn’t supposed to die in the respective car accident.

It is important to use the right chart for the right purpose, meaning that there is a specific chart for everything: like the contract signing chart when buying a product – like the car in the above example –, the first meeting chart for relationships – as explained in the beginning of this article –, the birth chart of a person showing his or her personality and fate, and so on.

Event astrology can be used in order to predict real life events (how a marriage will work, where you will spend your next holiday, etc.), while one of its branches, electional astrology, can help you choose auspicious moments for major life events (when to get married, when to have your first kids, etc.). If you tune in with the positive energy and harmonious forces of the Universe, you can learn and grow so much.

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