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What Is Educational Astrology and How It Can Help Us

Not many may have heard of educational astrology, but it is an important branch of this science with major effects in today’s society. The role of educational astrology is to guide your children or even yourself in making study- and schooling-related choices so that either your children or you may become a fulfilled and successful individual.

Children usually know from a very young age what they want to do when they will grow up. However, exterior influences – such as environment, family bonds, parents’ expectations, economic and political climate, and so on – greatly impact a child’s decision and dreams. Any child’s dream in terms of future career/job is usually the most authentic calling, yet the aforementioned outside influences tend to inhibit these early inspirations. This is due to the fact that any event, any experience, any exterior influence impregnates the subconscious mind of the child, thus changing him.

This is why parents should be careful with what their children come in contact with: appropriate information and suggestions will help the child thrive and develop beautifully, while the opposite can create chaos and confusion.

In terms of career, we can easily notice a certain tendency over the past years: children no longer follow in the steps of their parents when it comes to choosing a career. If years ago, sons took after their fathers and daughters after their mothers, nowadays people have a whole different scope of job opportunities and they even change career several times during their lives. This change is due to the major planetary modifications which exert their influence in this life area as well.

The importance of educational astrology consists in its ability to guide us in choosing a career path. This branch of astrology is a, efficient tool in the context of profession and career. It can provide us with a set of certain guidelines regarding the best career we could choose in order be successful financially and professionally on one hand, and emotionally on the other.

This is when the birth chart, or natal chart, comes in the equation. Educating our children by observing the aspects from their chart opens doors where there would have otherwise been limits – either real or perceived – for our little ones to express their true potential. Educational astrology doesn’t only confirm intuitions, thus validating our children’s dreams, but it can also reveal important aspects of the human soul if practiced correctly. This kind of astrology can anticipate certain inclinations and tendencies, offering authentic answers.

To conclude, astrology is yet again the appropriate tool, indispensable even, building a happy, fulfilling life for us and our family.

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