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What is Dr. Marsland really saying?

Photo of Nazi poster advocating forced sterilization; see story for translation
Photo of Nazi poster advocating forced sterilization; see story for translation
German Propaganda Archive at

About the photo: Copy of Nazi propaganda encouraging public acceptance of forced sterilization. It reads, “The terrible results of a woman drunkard.” It shows that over 83 years, she had 894 descendents, of whom 40 were indigent, 67 criminals, 7 murderers, 181 prostitutes, and 142 beggars. “436 (about 50%) were asocial, and caused 5 million Marks of harm.”

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Yesterday, I posted an article about the denouncement of Professor David Marsland by Human Life International (HLI). Dr. marsland was engaged in a debate last month where he advocated the compulsory sterilization of the mentally challenged and the “morally unfit”. A short audio excerpt from that debate was also included. Listening to that clip, it was obvious to this examiner that Marsland’s comments masked a more sinister agenda.

Today, we shall see what is beneath the surface of Professor Marsland’s comments and find why HLI was so upset.

The clip begins in the middle of Marsland’s sentence and starts out sanely enough, addicts, the mentally ill, and the alcoholic must be prevented from hurting or killing children. He then gives a clue as to the scope of his plan: Social Services, Police, and the Court system would be employed to implement forced sterilization. Note that this is not so much a preventative as it is a sentence; his answer for preventing harm to current children, is the sterilization of their parents.

He then goes on to tell of his father who worked with the “mentally incompetent” who suffered from “learning impossibilities rather than learning difficulties” who while in institutional care, were segregated by gender but when released into the community became mothers of multiple children who evidently all suffered from neglect and abuse. His solution is once again, forced sterilization. If one suffers from mental illness and is under treatment for more than 5 years without improvement? Sterilization.

Marsland then makes one of the astounding statements this examiner has heard, “Where drug addiction is chronic, where treatment has failed or been refused, the lives of their future children can only be protected securely by sterilization.” (emphasis added)

Upon hearing something like that, one must ask, “Does he realize what he just said?” The only way to protect a life is to ensure it was never started?

Professor Marsland then gets to gist of his intent; he goes on to say that an objection based on rights is untenable as “rights are a grossly overused and incoherent concept”. Going on he says what really matters is a “free and democratic society”. Free and democratic without rights; let us know how that works for you. Another objection is the abuse of the mechanism to impose sterilization on those not suitable under the guidelines described. Dr. Marsland’s answer: since this objection can be used to inhibit any action deemed necessary by society, it should be ignored. He then tackles the main objection that would pop up, the use of similar policies in Nazi Germany. Again, his response is condescending; we should be repulsed by what the Nazis did but since we aren’t Nazis, we’re okay.

Dave Marsland’s ideal world is right out of Huxley. It’s a state with ultimate power to micromanage human affairs all in the name of uniformity. His goal is not to punish or prevent child abuse; it’s to employ Darwinian tactics to selectively eliminate the human culls from the species. The next step would be the sterilization of the children of the affected parents lest they carry those traits to a new generation. It’s about achieving the touted benefits of abortion by regressing one step; it eliminates the personal accountability for the elimination of life. Finally, it appears that his goal that human beings that are not sufficiently gifted be relegated to a lower caste, where they are little more than animals, if they are even afforded that much, and subject to sterilization in the same fashion we spay and neuter our pets.

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