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What is covering your windows?

window treatment
Sheer burgundy curtains add a splash of color to my room while
blinds (near top of photo) add privacy and block out light.

Window treatments are often overlooked as a significant element in the overall interior design of a space. A lot of people will just throw up some blinds or a curtain with little thought, but window treatments are an important decorating element in a room. They serve many purposes, from adding privacy to blocking light to just giving the room a little personality.

Design Direction of the Fargo area will help tie a room together with custom window treatments. They will come up with a personalized design, complete with hardware, fabric, and trims. No matter the style of a room, Design Direction will help to complete the room with the appropriate window treatment to suit your needs: blinds, shades, and draperies, as well as motorized window treatments.

This is not the only service they provide, though – Design Direction also offers a full range of interior decorating services: design consultation services, flooring, accessories, and more. Design Direction can do it all.

Window treatments are an important element in a room. They serve many functions, from privacy to purely aesthetic reasons. No matter your style, there will be a window treatment to suit your home’s interior decorating needs.

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