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What is Co-Washing?

Co-washing hair can be used primary with silicone free conditioners
Co-washing hair can be used primary with silicone free conditioners

Co-washing is a short term used for ‘conditioner washing’ which means that hair is cleansed using a conditioner opposed to shampoo. Many women are ditching their shampoo if they have natural hair because it tends to carry harsh detergents that leave the hair dry, brittle and frizzy. For this very reason we have seen over the past year an epidemic in sulfate-free shampoos. Companies across the board are investing in creating new lines of sulfate-free shampoo to appeal to a new market.

Co- washing is not for everyone. Many women need the foam of shampoo in order to feel like their hair is completely clean while others do not. Co-washing would not be recommended for someone that suffers from dermatitis. Also, depending on your hair type co-washing may not be for you. For example, if you have oily hair co-washing will add more oil to the hair. Co-washing is loved by the curly girl community for multiple reasons. Benefits of co-washing include: - Softens hair, making it easier to comb and less likely to break - Helps define curls - Eliminates adding chemicals to the hair such as sulfates and silicone's.

Overall, co-washing rids the hair care process of harsh detergents and helps hair to retain moisture and eliminate stripping of natural oils. Co-washing may work for you if you have dry, curly hair that doesn't respond well to shampoo. Test it out and see if it is the solution for you.