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What is BloodBorne?

Could the creators of the Dark Souls series be bringing more difficult combat and carnage to players? Yes, indeed. A preview trailer was released during this year's E3. Welcome to the dark and sinister world of "Bloodborne."

Dated to be arriving in 2015, Bloodborne is a new title put out by Software and directed by the same man who brought players Demon Souls and the Dark Souls duo, Hidetaka Miyazaki. As the trailer opened, the sickly light of the moon and dimly burning lights of a discrepant city, looms as the great setting. The gorgeous detail within seems to transport the player into this new terrifying realm.The setting of Bloodborne takes players out of the sweeping worlds of New Londo and into a new city covered in insanity and darkness. Streets with flickering lamplight and sad housing hide the monstrosities treating around when the lights go out. Men with planks and torches seem to shuffle about without a sound, while a tall figure in a nearby alley drags the broken corpse of a monster away before cleaning his blade off with a swing. Blood for blood, and it seems to be everywhere.

There is a plague in the this world and making the journey to a city called Yharnam could give a sliver of hope since it could contain the healing remedies that the sick need. However, once inside the city it becomes violently clear that something is very wrong with the denizens. Though not the undead status received in the other games, the people of the city are completely crazed. Coupled with the different monsters and what appear to be large bosses of the game, veterans of the Dark Souls titles will feel right at home in this new game. The protagonist must discover the origin of the maddening disease and how to stop its alarming spread. Will he be able to complete the task?

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