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Hematolagnia: What is blood fetishism?

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Throughout history, people have been consuming blood for ritual and for nutritional purposes. This is the idea that has contributed to the creation of many Movies and TV series with mythical creatures (vampires) that drink blood. However, there are many people who really feel the desire to drink blood in real life. This is referred to as blood fetishism or hematolagnia. Blood fetishism is usually associated with sexual interest. Typically, people who desire blood, fantasize to lead a vampire lifestyle. Thanks to many vampire movies and TV series, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people with vampire fantasies. These fetishes can also be linked to BDSM as well.

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What are the signs that someone is blood fetish?

Blood fetishism or hematolagnia is usually characterized by the following;

1. One is aroused or attracted to the site of blood

The classic characteristic of hematolagnia is the attraction to blood. You are probably aware of this because it is well shown in almost all vampire movies. If you feel aroused by the site of blood, or if you are attracted by it, then you probably have hematolagnia. You will probably feel that there is something special in the blood and that is why you need it.

2. Sensory attraction to blood

Sensory attraction means that you are attracted to the smell of blood. If one enjoys the smell of blood, then it is highly likely that he/she has this fetish. This is also well portrayed in vampire movies and TV series. Vampires usually go crazy on the smell of blood.

3. Sexual fantasies involving blood

This fetish is also characterized by sexual fantasies involving blood. One may be having dreams or fantasies having sex in a location painted by blood. This is what vampires in movies do. They enjoy sex while feeding on human blood or while feeding on their own blood.

Some people think that being attracted to blood or having sexual fantasies involving blood is not a bad thing if it does not affect your daily life. To most people hematolagnia is a touchy issue that should not be discussed. In most news outlets, it is a subject that is rarely talked about, which led to my hesitance in first writing this article. However, with the increase in vampire fantasies, there is no doubt that it is something that will need to be discussed openly in future.

You may have a vampire fetish or vampirism if you do the following;

1. Fantasize about vampires or being a vampire

If you are constantly having fantasies about being a vampire, you are affected by hematolagnia. The attractions here is deeper than simply loving what vampires in movies are capable of doing. Of course, many people will love the kind of power vampires have i.e. the can fly, travel fast and are incredibly strong. Fantasies that are a sign of hematolagnia go further than being attracted to the special vampire abilities. The fetish makes you want to be a vampire because you will be able to drink blood and have sex in places tainted by blood.

2. You enjoy vampire fiction

People who are fetish really enjoy vampire fictions. Your whole movie collection consists of only vampire movies. You can watch the same vampire movie over and over again without getting bored. You might also be in love with vampire characters in movies. You are obsessed with vampires and you do speak as if vampires are creatures that really exist. However, while doing all these, you clearly know at the back of your mind that vampires don’t exist in real life.

3. Your attraction to blood is centers around vampirism

Hematolagnia is characterized by the attraction to blood. However, in most cases the attraction to blood is centered on vampirism. When you see blood, or smell blood, you feel the desire to do what you have seen vampires do with it. You probably have the image of you as a vampire in your mind.

One of the reasons why the discussion about hematolagnia is considered a taboo is because there are people willing to hurt themselves or others to fulfill their desire for blood. Although BDSM can be loosely related to this fetish, there are major and obvious differences. In blood fetishism, there are others who have even injured and killed animals just to fulfill their fetish desires. If one reaches this point, then it is obvious that there is need for special attention. People who believe that they are going to get special power from drinking blood, or that they need blood to survive are also need of attention. Hematolagnia is only harmful if it affects one’s ability to enjoy life doing things that normal people do.

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