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What is 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's big surprise on 'After the Final Rose'?

What is Juan Pablo's big surprise?
What is Juan Pablo's big surprise?

Chris Harrison promised viewers during the live "Bachelor" finale that Juan Pablo has a surprise announcement to make on the "After the Final Rose" special.

What is Juan Pablo's big surprise and does he get engaged on the "AFTR" special? Not even blogger Reality Steve knows what this surprise is, so that means it could be just another false lead to keep "Bachelor" fans tuned into the show.

Reality Steve spoilers wrong? Does 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo really pick Nikki?

When the finale started at 8 p.m. ET on ABC on Monday night, Reality Steve tweeted, "Some are asking me if I'm nervous. No. I haven't been nervous since Nov 20th. Everything's been right. Tonight is no different."

That means he's not wavering from his prediction that Nikki Ferrell will be Juan Pablo's final pick and that he will not propose. However, Reality Steve posted earlier in the month that ABC may be offering Juan Pablo some extra cash to propose to Nikki on the "After the Final Rose" special that airs right after the finale.

Host Chris Harrison once again promises an "unforgettable" ending to this season of "The Bachelor," but this is nothing new. He says this every season and makes fans think something outrageous is going to happen.

Odds are, Reality Steve is right this season and Juan Pablo will pick Nikki. Whether or not he gets engaged on the "AFTR" is yet to be revealed.

If so, it's definitely a move prompted by producers of the show, not by Juan Pablo himself. From the looks of his interaction with Nikki and Clare in front of his family, he doesn't look like a man who is totally in love and ready to marry either girl.

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