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What is authentic feminine power?

Feminine Sexual Power
Feminine Sexual Power

A women's true power is her sexual power, and when a woman fully understands how to be with this power and use it consciously she, you will be able to thrive.

The main source of your feminine power is centered in your womb or Yoni. After all, it is the source of life and of much, much, pleasure for you and for your partner. This power that is something we alone have as women.

It is your Shakti power, your life force and creative energy, your passion, that part of yourself that is wild, untamed, free, your primal sexual energy...the unexplained mystery of the feminine and that we have for the most part lost touch with. We have feared this power, exploited this power, hidden and run from this power for thousands of years. We have allowed ourselves to be dominated by a world that is out of balance with masculine values.

We have denigrated our bodies, felt ashamed of them, starved them and criticized them...allowed ourselves to forget how being born female and innately sexual is our gift to the world and something to be celebrated. This power has been over the ages been reduced to women using it as a way to survive in a man's world. It does not matter that you do not work in the sex industry, everything in our current Western culture is very much about selling sex. The fact that our feminine sex appeal has become a commodity something that Madison Avenue uses to sell whatever product they desire, says that it is time for women to take back their power and to shift how they perceive their relationship with that power.

The word paradigm means: a). an example serving as a model; pattern. touchstone, b). a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community; c).such a cognitive framework shared by members of any discipline or group: the company’s business.

A new paradigm will only come about when more women, you begin to align with a common purpose to change the way in which your sexual allure and body is currently being used as a means to sell, buy, barter or trade any commodity by. It is only then that the men and women who are still profiting with the old paradigm will take notice. You have to take the first step and be the one to decide for yourself how you wish to be portrayed in the media, how you wish to use your sexual power. You can be free from the old ways of using your sexual power such as, compromising yourself or apologizing for being a sexy woman and begin now to use your “sexual allure” with integrity, grace, balance, and wisdom.

It is time to wake up, and live from the core juicy essence of our true feminine power!

The New Feminine Mystique is a new way for women to be with their authentic feminine power. It is a new model and a new paradigm. This is our time to rise to the occasion, to open to loving who we are and learning how to use the gift of our sexuality in a new way. One with integrity, boldness, confidence and grace of the New Feminine Mystique. Allowing the old ways of relating to ourselves and our sexuality to fade away as we step into this new frequency of the Divine Feminine. You will then feel a sense of freedom that you have never felt before. The old stigma of Eve and the old ways of the world, will no longer have any effect upon you (consciously or unconsciously), and you will embody your true feminine power and thrive!

If you would like to join with other women in taking a stand for the new paradigm I invite you to browse my website: The School of Womyn's Mysteries, and become a voice for change by signing up for Yoni Speak, our monthly community newsletter. You may also choose to join our FREE membership and become a Temple Sister.

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