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What is at the heart of ILLUMINATE Film Festival?

Coming this May 2014!
Coming this May 2014!
Andrew Holman Photography

ILLUMINATE Film Festival has partnered with the Mind-Body-Spirit community, and the hugely impactful potential of "conscious cinema," to bring forth a never before seen film festival experience! This incredible event premiers May 29 - June 1, 2014, and is gaining buzz globally.

More than just a film festival, ILLUMINATE features a Healing Village, where participants can experience community and connection from those on the cutting edge of all things Mind Body Spirit- professional healing workshops, meditations, yoga classes, massage, music, reiki, and vendors. Festival creators are also excited to launch their "Reel Healing Series," which gives festival-goers a comprehensive "View and Do" experience. Participants enjoy a hand-selected, soul-inspiring movie coupled with an immersive workshop to follow, creating a deeper integration of the movie's message. In between films and workshops, festival-goers can explore the impressive grounds of the world-class venue, unwind with a massage, sample delicious and healthy foods prepared by local eateries, dance to live music and entertainment, and connect with locals and travelers with similar interests. More than just a retreat space, The Healing Village is a birthing place for fresh possibilities and inspiration. There's no doubt you will leave this festival feeling full, refreshed, and ready to more fully enjoy your everyday life!

Danette Wolpert, Executive Director, and creator of this monumental event, has shared a huge part of her heart and life journey in bringing this festival to fruition. It has already greatly “illuminated” the lives of those who are involved. Danette has an extensive background in the business and corporate world, and additionally, 5 years under her belt as Assistant Director of the Miami Film Festival. Her passionate commitment to self-discovery, soul-searching, and life itself make her the perfect catalyst for birthing this inspired project which is destined to touch the lives of countless others.

What else makes ILLUMINATE Film Festival incredible? It is being manifested on a 100% volunteer basis, which means, this festival comes 100% from the heart and soul!

With a dedicated team of open-hearted and conscious women and men working side-by-side, this festival is quickly becoming a creation this world has never experienced. Not only is it giving Mind-Body-Spirit a voice and a platform, it is also setting into motion a new conscious business model where qualities like creativity, respect, honor, love, and equality are emphasized. Everyone on the ILLUMINATE Team has a voice, and plays a vital role in the materializing of the festival.

Here is what some ILLUMINATE "Dream Team" (Core Members) have said:

Laura Schappert, Partnerships Coordinator shares, " I have been able to meet and work with incredible, inspirational, and supportive people by being part of ILLUMINATE Film Festival. I love film, I love being conscious, I love being mind, body, spirit. Illuminate being a film festival about mind, body, spirit conscious cinema pretty much puts all of my passions into one expansive who-knows-what-will-happen adventure! Plus, I really enjoy being of service and putting together events and experiencing all the attendees/participants enjoying the fruits of our labors."

Anna Sirotin, Social Media Manager says, “Being part of ILLUMINATE has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and take on projects I thought I could never accomplish! I strongly believe with all my heart that this festival has so much power and knowledge behind it, and I believe it can make a powerful change, and become a great platform for conscious film, and I want to be a part of that change!”

The Team was asked, "if you could share one personal message to the world, what would it be?" Here are some of their answers:

~"Against all odds, love who you are, love what you do and do what you do with others who love who they are."

~"If you just let it be, life will always balance itself out."

~"The less you define yourself, the more you can be."

Serendipitous describes how these souls have come together to organize this event for the people. They share similar stories of overcoming their own personal battles, and transcending what was once a mundane, material-based, and routine life, into a life of self-discovery, inspiration, and action. No two members of the Team were born and raised in the same town. They are people who have traveled from all ends of the Earth, and ended up together in Sedona without realizing it until ILLUMINATE's first meeting in the Summer of 2013. The transformation, courage, and love of this Team is what is bringing the ILLUMINATE Film Festival to life, and it is their hope that attendees will find also the courage and love within themselves to transform their lives into what they have always wanted to it to be.

What is at the heart of this festival? Soul. Dedication. Love. Inspiration. Joy. Creativity. Equality. Peace. Wholeness. Action. Leaps of Faith. A beautiful marriage of Mind-Body-and-Spirit and the medium of film. This festival is definitely an event worthy of planning a trip to Sedona, Arizona this coming May. The spectacular Red Rocks alone will blow you away! The films, the movement, the community, and the Healing Village will ensure that this becomes a not-to-be-missed staple on your yearly calendar.

Click the link below for more information on film lineup, programs, workshops, and to secure your All-Access pass!


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