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What is and Esbat?

Esbats fall durring full and new moons
Esbats fall durring full and new moons
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Each year, Bangor area Pagans celebrate the eight Sabbats. The Sabbats are known as the Solar Holidays. Many Pagans also recognize the Esbats. Esbats are considered to be the Lunar Holidays because they usually fall on the nights of the full moons.

An Esbat is a Pagan meeting that takes usually takes place on during full moons. Some Pagans also like to meet on the nights of the new moons as well. Sometimes an Esbat is held once or twice a week. Solitary Pagans also hold Esbats. They can do this alone or with friends.

Considered working days, Esbats are usually used for magical workings. Banishing, divination, planning, and working backwards in time are usually done during a full moon esbat. New moons are used for personal growth, healing, and blessing new projects. Attraction magic is usually done during the waxing moon. The waning moon is used for banishing things like bad habits. The Blue Moon is a time for setting goals and reviewing achievements made during the past year. There are 13 full moons in a year. The traditional names for the full moons are:

January- Wolf Moon

February- Storm Moon

March- Chaste Moon

April- Seed Moon

May- Hare Moon

June- Dyad Moon

July- Mead Moon

August- Wyrt Moon

September- Barley Moon

October- Blood Moon

November- Snow Moon

December- Oak Moon

Variable- Blue Moon

Rituals are usually performed during the full and new moons. Sometimes rituals are performed for all of the moon phases. The goddess and her energy is usually honored during Esbats. Some Pagans also like to honor the gods.

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