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What is an AMV and how do they relate to video games?

This is a promo for the anime, AOT.
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What is an AMV? It stands for anime music videos, but that name may be a bit misleading. For one, yes, these are fan made videos depicting anime mashed up to music. For example, one could make a video about Naruto with Jay Z in the background. In a way they’re like trailers, or fan made hype machines.

Aside from the obvious there are sub-genres to AMVs. Many of these consist of comedy sketches splicing dialogue from other media into anime. Using a film like Zoolander in an anime like Bleach is one example. One of the most popular series dedicated to this oddball humor is called AMV Hell, which covers everything from Monty Python to Lindsey Lohan.

The groups surrounding AMVs are fascinating. They’re talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals. The AMVs themselves looked like a daunting task, but as someone used to editing game videos, this writer decided to try his hand at one. Well that and the local Anime convention, Anime Detour in Bloomington, was a few weeks ago and there was an AMV contest.

And the results were pretty good. For this guy’s first AMV he made it into the finals. Unfortunately the AMV, PompeiiNime, did not win, but making it that far was a great learning and invigorating experience. It may not be surprising to see more AMVs appear on the accompanying YouTube channel, ReActionExaminer. This writer’s dedication to covering everything nerdy is all for the love of the fans and fellow compatriots.

To those opposed to Anime there is good news. Games are covered in AMVs as well, or at least properties based off of games like the Final Fantasy VII movie, Advent Children. Plus there are various anime shows based off of games like BlazBlue and Persona. To find some more AMVs, check some of the sties linked below. And by all means check out this writer’s first AMV, PompeiiNime, which mashes up eighty anime from 2013 to Bastille’s song, Pompeii (PompeiiNime…get it?). Hopefully this writer will have done his job and converted a few video game fans to the side of anime.

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