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What is a "Wurttemberg"?

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Here is the website: do you translate it into English?!?

Here is what is found when "Wurttemberg" is googled: Cool! Clare Long knows just about every horse breed in the history of the world, but this was a new one for her. She learned something new today! Yay!

Wow. The history of the breed dates back to the 16th century!

The breeder's society was founded in 1895 in Stuttgart, Germany!

The modern day Wurttemberg horse emerged at Marbach Stud in 1958.

Sounds a bit like a friendly and quiet Trakhener? Refinement and athleticism.


The old type of Württemberg horse dates to the 16th century at a stud founded by Duke Eberhard V the Bearded, where native mares were crossed to Arab stallions. In 1552 this stud was moved into the main stud, which is now called Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach. In addition to stock from the original stud, the best available horses from a variety of countries were used, including Hungarian, Turkish, Suffolk, and Caucasian stallions. In 1687 the first regulations concerning mating of the horses were issued.
The old type of Württemberg rose from mares with Aran and Thoroughbred blood and from stallions of the Anglo-Norman breed around 1888. Andalusians and Neapolitans were later introduced.
The Marbach stud was dispersed during the Thirty Years War and it was not until the end of the 17th century that horse breeding in Württemberg got back onto solid footing. At that time, Marbach saw the introduction of Barb and Spanish mares and East Friesian stallions.
During the Napoleonic wars the breed suffered a great setback, as thousands of horses were lost to the French army. In the second half of the 19th century new blood was brought in, including Anglo-Norman and Trakehner, and by the beginning of the 20th century the Württemberg was finally established as a recognizable breed. The breeder´s society was founded in 1895 in Stuttgart.
An interest in sporting events increased after the Second World War, Württemberg breeders began to breed a lighter, more refined version of this breed, and today the old type of Württemberg is nearly extinct.
The modern-day Württemberg horse emerged at Marbach Stud in 1958. The Trakehner breed was used initially, then by 1979 Westphalians and Hanoverians were used to reinforce the constitution of the horses. The greatest influence on the modern breed is the Trakehner stallion Julmond, who came to Marbach in 1960 and is considered to be the breed´s foundation sire.


  • Head:
    usually with a straight profile
  • Conformation:
    this is an elegant, long-lined breed of great quality with swinging, wide, elastic movements. While still retaining a bit of ist cob type, the modern Württemberg is much more refined than the old type
  • Average height:
    16.1 h.h.
  • Colours:
    bay, brown, black or chestnut
  • Temperament:
    friendly, quiet
  • Today:
    the goal today in breeding the Württemberg is to produce an ever-improving riding horse suited to sporting events. The modern Württemberg has an athletic quality and the type of conformation that allows it compete successfully in show jumping competitions at international level.