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What is in a veil

Jesus offered Himself as sacrifice on the cross
Jesus offered Himself as sacrifice on the cross
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A veil is a covering. In some cultures women are required to wear a veil covering their faces to symbolize preservation for their husband.

But what does the veil have to do with Easter?

In the Old Testament, a tabernacle was reserved as the holy place where once a year the High Priest would enter in to offer atonement for the sins of the people. No one except him was allowed to enter or they would die.

The inner most section of the holy place of the tabernacle was surrounded by widths of curtain to shield the people from God's presence because of their sins.

When Jesus came, He revealed that His flesh represented the veil separation between God and man. Upon His death on the cross, an earthquake shook the tabernacle and the veil of the holy place was literally ripped from top to bottom, according to history, revealing the inner most holy place to the public.

This ripping from top to bottom represented God allowing our access to Him now that a better sacrifice had been offered. This better sacrifice was the One revealed throughout the scriptures and fulfilled at that moment as the perfect and permanent sacrifice once and for all. Jesus was offered on the cross as the New Covenant and the fulfilling sacrifice for His merit to be accepted as atonement for sins. Some of the Jews themselves have missed the opportunity, even though technically, the Jews were God's people. But now God allowed both Jews and Gentiles the opportunity to accept the atonement of sins through the One Mediator between man and God, the man Jesus Christ, who was God in the flesh.

Now that Jesus, the better atonement for sins, was revealed, there no longer was a need for the veil, as Jesus is the veil in His flesh. And those wanting forgiveness of sins need only to come through Him. The holy place for the tabernacle is no longer a particular place. The tabernacle is now each of us who believe in Jesus.

His resurrection from the grave was proof that Jesus was authentic in His offer. And all those believing in the merit of His resurrection and the atonement of their sins through the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross will be saved, as according to scripture.

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Some churches in Albany will be hosting reenactments of the resurrection. This drama shows a visual of the events leading up to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection from the tomb. Those churches teaching from the Bible will reveal the significance of what the event means for a person's sins to be forgiven and the way to salvation.


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