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What is a vampirdzhija? Facts about this paranormal word

Today were looking at the folklore word, vampirdzhija. Where the word comes from, what it means, and how it entwines with other vampire folklore.

  • The word vampirdzhija means vampire hunter and is from Bulgarian folklore.
  • Djadadjii is also another word in Bulgarian that means vampire hunter.
  • The main task of these vampire hunters is to locate the grave of the vampire and then destroy the vampire once its in its grave.
  • They use holy pictures, like Eastern Orthodox icons.
  • Some legends say that the vampirdzhija is a blend of witch-finder and vampire slayer (Source: The book, "They Bite."
  • The vampirdzhija has the ability to sense an Obur, while the Obur is in its grave and the body is forming its vampire skeleton. Though they can't destroy the vampire right away and have to wait till it is fully vampire.
  • One way on how they catch vampires are they bottle them up.
  • Once the vampire is bottled up, the hunter will throw it into fire.

So those are strange six facts about the vampirdzhija or the djadadjiii, whatever you would like to call this hunter of the creatures of the night.

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