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What is a typical day's schedule for your dog?

Hell-o, I think it is time to get up.  I need my walk now!
Hell-o, I think it is time to get up. I need my walk now!

When it comes to the schedule within the home, who sets the times, you or your dog? You may think you are the boss; or are you? Many people think schedules are not necessary but, unless you have no particular commitments in a day, schedules are a good thing for you and your pets. Anything you would ever need to provide for your dog and his/her schedule can be found at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one closest to your home.

A daily schedule begins with the moment you arise each day. Unless you have a really laid back pet, your dog cannot tell the difference between the early workday mornings and the later weekend days, so don’t expect to sleep in! According to your favorite canine, each morning begins with an early morning walk followed by breakfast, same time like clockwork.

A dog may not be able to tell time but their bodies are more accurate than any clock on the wall. If the dog(s) usually eat each morning and evening exactly at 5, you can bet your pet will be pacing the floor and “sucking up” to you at least a half hour prior to those feeding times. The same goes for daily treat times, nap times, going to bed at night and other routines set within the home. Never assume your dog can’t tell time; they are excellent alarm clocks!

Keeping your pet on a schedule is advisable and best for its health and well-being. The question is, always, who sets the schedule; owner or dog? The answer to that question often comes from understanding a dog’s “needs” from its point of view as to when to eat, sleep, play and more.

Your dog will easily adapt to sleep times each evening that fits into your own regiment; just don’t always think that dogs will realize weekends when you don’t work are special “sleep-in” moments. Dogs cannot differentiate and will probably expect you to rise to his/her demands at the same times Sunday through Saturday; walks must be taken, meals served. Some dogs like to munch at their own pace and don’t need scheduled mealtimes. Food dishes can remain out and filled at all times. Also ensure an ample supply of fresh water on a daily basis.

Aside from the morning schedules, dogs need a certain amount of playtime each day, which does not have to fit to a specific schedule. As the alpha in the home, you have to determine when you want to play with your pet; when you don’t, provide plenty of toys and puzzle games for your dog to self-entertain. Playtime is imperative for physical and mental stimulation; it is up to you when to interact with your pet.

Dogs indeed live by rules, structure and schedules; schedules that you as the owner sets forth. You decide on the best times to play, cuddle, snuggle and just enjoy one-on-one time. Whatever you do with your pet is always appreciated so be flexible with your schedule when you can and share the quality you and your pet companion both deserve.

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