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What is a transitional residential treatment program?

Jasmine Aranda - Director of the Wright Center
Jasmine Aranda - Director of the Wright Center
Photo by the Denver Homelessness Examiner

What if every Coloradoan who wanted treatment for alcoholism or addiction could get help?  What kind of impact would that have on our community as a whole?  The Wright Center is one solution, known as a transitional residential treatment program for single men and women. 

Located on 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, the Wright Center is a 20 bed facility that provides services to individuals whose substance use or dependency has resulted in disruption in their emotional, mental, physical, and socio-economic functioning.  The program is designed to assist in the following areas: improving mental and physical health, increasing employment skills, reducing legal problems, and improving overall level of functioning in relationships.

This program is open to both English and Spanish speaking men and women.  Clients referred to the Wright Center are expected to demonstrate the motivation sufficient to maintain abstinence from use of alcohol and other drugs, to cooperate with mental health services when necessary, and to seek stable housing and employment while in the program. 

Length of stay at the Wright Center varies, but averages about 60 days and the goal is to integrate individuals back into the community.  As the clients are drying out, they are also participating in constructive activities in the center, doing chores, and working to increase their self-sufficiency skills.

Kate Olsen of Arapahoe House says national studies have shown that "it takes 14 different treatment programs to get to long term success.  And it's not a failure of willpower - it's a treatable condition."

The Wright Center is available to individuals 18 or older, that have no legal restrictions that would interfere with program placement, and clients must be able to work 20 or more hours a week.  Those that are most able to beenfit from this program are individuals who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, those having an extensive substance abuse history and have received previous substance abuse treatment, those who have mental health problems in addition to substance abuse problems, and in need of vocational/educational support.

For referral or admission to the Wright Center, or any other programs of Arapahoe House, contact the Information and Access Team 303.657.3700 or email  Phone lines are open Monday through Saturday 8AM to 7PM.


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