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What is a short range get home bag?

Power grid failures can cause preppers to need a get home bag.
Power grid failures can cause preppers to need a get home bag.
Dan Vale

Consider a situation in which there is a power grid failure. Many gas stations will not have backup generators and will not be able to pump gas. Those gas stations that can pump gas probably will have long gas lines and may also have limits on the amount of gas that any one person can purchase. Even worse, the gas supply might run out before those at the end of the line can get some gas.

A short range get home bag is a small knapsack that is light enough for most preppers to carry on their backs for fifteen miles without spraining their ankles, wrenching their knees, hurting their backs, or having a heart attack. Preppers’ short range bug out bags should contain:

  1. Five hour energy drinks.
  2. Lightweight, folding, portable chairs for periodic rests.
  3. Space blankets , if it is winter.
  4. Some power bars,
  5. Lightweight, rain ponchos.
  6. Safety glasses to protect preppers’ eyes when some roads are blocked, and if preppers must walk around these roadblocks and through wooded areas, especially at night.
  7. Canteens of water.
  8. Lifestraws.
  9. Retractable hiking sticks for difficult terrain and for older preppers.
  10. Headlamps.
  11. First aid kits.
  12. Canisters of pepper spray.
  13. Swiss Army Knives.
  14. Walking shoes that have been broken in.
  15. Wool socks.
  16. Insect repellant, if it is summer.
  17. Cell phones with aps such as a compass, and a GPS.

Preppers may experience risks and benefits when they grab their get home bags and leave their cars. Examples of the risks might include:

  1. Having a greater chance of an injury or medical problem during their long hike home.
  2. Being more exposed to the elements, especially during hot summers and frigid winters.
  3. Having their cars stolen or stripped for parts.

When preppers leave their cars, there can be advantages such as:

  1. Not having to deal with long, unreliable, and unruly gas lines.
  2. Being reunited with their families, possibly more quickly.
  3. Being more secure in their homes than they would be in their stranded cars.

Due to age and medical limitations, not everyone can grab a bug out bag and try to hike home. Those who have the potential of doing so should make sure that they are in good enough physical shape to have that option.

What are your thoughts about get home bags?

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