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What is a sexually violent predator #2

In the case of Mark Richard Wilson v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County, et al, an appeal in the Court of Appeals of California, Second District, Division 7, many facts are present.

In the prior article three facts were presented that are red flags to anyone who has studied the faux science called psychiatry. 

Tne case lists three facilities operated by the State of California that are called State Hospitals. Patton, Atascadero and Metropolitan.  All three of these housed Mark Wilson at one time or another.

All three are "mental" institutions.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, a co-founder of Citizens Commission on Human Rights and prolific author and critic of his chosen profession, has thoroughly debunked the idea that the term "mental illness" or "mental disorder" is anything more than a ruse to create business, i. e., money.

Modern psychiatry is now creating labels almost as fast as rabbits create offspring.  Just check out articles on the DSM #5 that is in the making. 

Or look at the first manual and compare its meager hundred plus labels with today's #4 with almost 400 labels.

And all of these labels are created for one reason - make money by creating illnesses. 

Such was the beginning of the label, sexually violent predator.

What makes a sexually violent predator?  The treatment, of course. posted an article about this case and the following is a quote, "The Sexually Violent Predator Act authorizes the state to identify individuals who suffer from mental disorders that predispose them to commit violent sexual crimes and to confine and treat them until they no longer threaten society."

First of all, this Act gives psychs the right to do this as employees of the state.

Later columns will attempt to explain why this is a bogus action.

Allowing the psychs to keep these people so labeled confined and "treated" by a group that openly admits they cannot cure means a life sentence when they are thus labeled.

Many other issues come to view in this appeals case in LA.  These will be discussed in later articles as well.


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