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What is a sexually violent predator?

The case of Wilson v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles et al points up the fact the courts of LA are not aware of a major fraud that psychiatry has created.

I n the 1990s a term to label people with another disorder was created.  The Director of Atascadero State Hospital, Melvin Hunter, was quoted as saying that the creation of the term Sexually Violent Predator was a brilliant PR move.

(Atascadero was the State facility that housed persons guilty of committing a crime regarding sex and found to be "mentally incompetent" or one of several labels that the psychs had at that time.)

The psychs pushed through Welfare and Institution Code, Section 6600 on the people of the State by getting a case of a young girl who was murdered by a criminal.  There were sexual connotations involved in the case no doubt.

But to create such a label by law was the penultimate winning action of a criminal element in society, psychiatry.  Now they could have all prisoners "screened" by another psych, psychologist or psychiatrist, and charge the State of California tax payers what has become several hundred thousand dollars each year.

(The screeners are getting 4 figure incomes per screening.)

In the case listed above of Mark Richard Wilson, he was committed to Patton State Hospital first in the late 1970s.  He was released in 1989.  Not mentioned in the court documents posted on of his appeal, is how in 1993 he was incarcerated in Metropolitan State Hospital.  In April of 1999 he was incarcerated in Atascadero State Hospital.

The saga goes on and this column is going to examine this case in detail over the next few columns.  Some strong statements have been written above and these will be elucidated in the future columns.


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