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By Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter

According to a leader in the industry Crawford Nolan & Zink a scope report is a combination of a feasibility study, a business plan, business valuation & business appraisal all wrap in one. It is designed to help the start up business or an expansion company to help raise capital Zahid Jamil & Co. based on there web site reports:

Evaluating the risks and helping to determine the feasibility and the business plan to follow for the next several years (3 to 5). Developing Strategy to reap rewards of change which is accelerating exponentially and managing risks implicit in the venture. Appraising business proposals and develop a range of options for enhancing enterprise value. Identify value drivers of business. Undertaking management performance appraisal. Helping change-management and change-implementation. And assisting in strategic financial planning process.

More specifically, scopereport should include all or a combination of the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic financial planning and management
  • Valuation of assets and appraisal businesses
  • Profit and performance management strategies
  • Business strategic planning / Strategic Business Planning
  • Corporate recovery and turn around services / Corporate Recovery/Business Turnaround services
  • Business Risk Consulting and internal audit
  • Computer Risk Management (CRM) / IT security and risk management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Benchmarking

Feasibility studies
Generally a comprehensive feasibility study comprises technical feasibility, market feasibility and financial feasibility. Assignments culminate in a comprehensive report accompanied by detailed financial projections, analysis and recommendations.

Strategic Financial Planning and Management
This service includes analysis of different options sourcing funds and recommending a corporate structure and business arrangements suitable to an enterprise.

Valuation and Appraisal of Assets and Business / Valuation of assets and appraisal businesses
Due Diligence review
this service is provided to clients seeking to determine the worth of their business or those of a target entity with a view to make a decision to sell their business raise capital or buy a target entity. Valuation and appraisal assignment are also undertaken to determine the current market value of the assets of a business as a prelude to various mode of corporate restructuring.

Profit and Performance Management Strategies
These assignments have specific focus for improving the bottom-line by profit enhancement or curbing causing causes of losses. Services generally involve a review of the pricing and costing structure with due emphasis on reducing or eliminating wastage of all sorts, relevant to an enterprise. Guidance is also given to management in developing proper cost centre, budgets and MIS through a comprehensive report outlining our recommendation for remedial actions.

Business Strategic Planning / Strategic Business Planning
Translating a corporate mission statement into reality requires a blue print of strategic steps and milestones envision able in the future. Since strategic planning seeks to strike an optimum utilization of available resources and that too looking into the future, it may rightly be called a visionary’s job description. Acumen, institution, scientific knowledge and data combination to form a business strategy plan. And what more, the plan needs periodic reviewing. Most corporate leaders often seek external assistance from consultants at formulation as well as review stages.

Corporate Recovery and Turnaround Services
Some troubled enterprises need a range of help from advisors through a variety of services which deal with financial restructuring, turnaround strategies, corporate reorganization and coordination with lenders and other financial, to avoid imminent liquidation.

Business Risk Consulting

  • Delivering performance improvement
  • managing business risks
  • improving business processes
  • strengthening corporate governance

This enables clients to understand and identify such risk with a view to manage them. Timely assessment of such risks and remedial actions to manage them can play a significant role in averting potential danger of disrupting the business.

Computer Risk Management (CRM) / IT security and risk management
A ITSRM service include information systems Audit and controls, disaster Recovery Planning, Information security Management, IS Project Quality Assurance Reviews, Hardware and Software acquisition reviews and IS regulatory Compliance reviews.
Benchmarking enables identification, understanding and adaptation of “Best Practices and Processes” from different organizations to help improve organizational performance of clients. The knowledge base combines best practices information with quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tools for benchmarking that helps clients reach a better level of business performance.
Business process Re-engineering (BPR)
Such assignment involves a radical redesign of business processes, organization structure, information systems as well as a shift in corporate values and mindset. These assignments normally involve following steps;

  • Planning and Preparation for Re-engineering – As-Is Study of business processes
  • Mapping and Analysis of As-Is Process
  • Designing of “To-Be” Processes
  • Development & Software coding of “To-Be” Process
  • Implementation of Re-engineered Process
  • Training of Human Resources for Re-engineered and Newly Developed Process
  • Post Implementation Review & Audit

Many sophisticated investors appreciate the foresight and importance of a SCOPE Report to help them decide to fund the project.