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What is a recall, and why is it important to have it done

In the midst of the many recalls that have made national news, you may wonder what a recall is, and why it's necessary.

The most notable recalls have been issued by general motors. This year alone, they have recalled millions of vehicles. They had issues with their ignition switch on 6 different GM models, which had caused accidents as well as fatalities. That recall alone had included over 6 million vehicles in the US. There was also 2 truck models, totaling to over 9,000 vehicles affected, that could cause smoke or fire due to an electrical overload under the hood. While not all of these vehicles have experienced a failure, they were recalled to prevent any future issues.

Hyundai has also had their share of recalls. The brake switch recall affected 7 different Hyundai models, and totaled to over 1 million vehicles affected. While this recall did not cause a safety concern, it did affect the vehicle starting, which caused an extreme inconvenience to those affected by it. The most notable recall by Hyundai was their MPG recall issued in 2012. This affected 10 different models, totaling to around 600,000 vehicles. They had given inaccurate fuel economy ratings, which had in turn upset their customers. To fix this issue, they give original owners money back on a prepaid card based on the miles that they drive.

While those recalls have taken over the news in the last few years, they are very minimal compared to the recall issued by Ford in 1980. Ford recalled 21 million vehicles due to some vehicles slipping from park into reverse. According to records, Ford's solution for this issue was sending owners a warning sticker to put on their dashboard. They also hold the second biggest recall, including over 7 million vehicles, in which the the ignition switches could short circuit and cause a fire in the steering column.

There is many more recalls that didn't make headlines, but auto manufacturers are issuing recalls fairly often to fix or prevent issues. If you are ever in doubt, or suspect that your vehicle may be involved in a recall, you can contact your local dealer to have your VIN number checked. Dealers are required to perform recalls, even if your vehicle is outside of the warranty terms.

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