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What is a Patient Review Instrument?


  PRI is a tool used to determine level of care for rehab or skilled nursing

A Patient Review Instrument or a PRI is used to determine what level of care you or a loved one will need. A PRI measures how you function with all of your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). It is required by New York State Department of Health that every patient and/or resident that enters a rehab or nursing facility have one. It is universal guide that is used across the New York State.

It is also used to determine the rate that facility will be paid and the staffing that is needed.

This assessment has to be completed by someone  that is certified to do so. If you are in the hospital and you need a PRI to go to rehab or a nursing home it can be done there. If you are not in the hospital you can still get a PRI but it will cost you around $80.

A PRI does not require you to go through a rigorous physical. It is simply a snap shot of your medical condition at that moment in time. Once the PRI is complete they will get what's called a RUG score, and this will determine that persons level of care.

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