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What is a paranormal vortex?

Are spiritual vortexes real?

When reading about paranormal topics, a word that often comes up is "vortex." There are several definitions and meanings to a vortex. The most basic definition of a vortex is a whirling mass of air, water, or fire, in which the surroundings are drawn to the center by a suction-like force. We see the basic vortex every day, when a toilet flushes or a tub is drained. Tornadoes and water spouts are also vortexes.

In paranormal discussion, the word takes on a slightly different meaning. In fact, there are two, slightly different meanings.

Spiritual vortexes are said to be located along the earth's ley lines, in certain, special locations around the globe. The most well-known vortexes in the United States are located in Sedona, Arizona. Many people with metaphysical spiritual beliefs are drawn to these locations for the spiritual energy. According to some, there are both positive and negative vortexes on the Earth.

Paranormal vortexes are often referred to as a sort of spiritual energy, and there are many photographs on the Internet of alleged ghosts in the shape of a vortex, although most paranormal researchers would not say that these vortexes are actually ghosts, but portals of a sort. They may be portals to the spiritual world, or possibly to other coinciding dimensions. Others believe that they may be an opening to another time. Some have even theorized that vortexes in space, such as black holes, may actually be portals or doorways to other times or dimensions.

Whether vortexes exist as doorways remains a mystery; however, science has proven that some vortexes exist. If they can exist in wind, water, fire, and volcanoes, why couldn't there be invisible vortexes that can only be realized with our sixth sense? If these are, indeed, spiritual doorways of a sort, a lot of the unexplained can be better understood. Is this what allows some people to see or sense ghosts? Could these be the origin of alien sightings? Is time travel or travel to other dimensions a real possibility that we as humans have yet to learn?


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