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What is a fishpond or a lilypond?

Fishpond Bags by John Land La Coq.
Fishpond Bags by John Land La Coq.
Robert J. Wiebel & Fishpond

Melbourne, Florida – March 19, 2014 – What comes to my mind when I read the words Fishpond and Lilypond? They are both very small bodies of water nestled mountains of North America. Boy, my imagination was off target by a long shot. You see Fishpond and Lilypond are the brainchild of John Land Le Coq. These are two very different lines of specialty bags with two things in common: 1) John Land Le Coq is the creator and designer of each line of the specialty bag lines and 2) both brands are composed of either recycles fishing nets and/or other 100% recycles materials that would either pollute our oceans of end up in our landfills. Besides these two differences, Fishpond is a selection of fly fishing packs and vests, gear and lifestyle bags, luggage, bag accessories and Nomad nets and Lilypond is a specialty line of women’s casual and outdoor adventure bags.

According to Backbone Media, Fishpond’s marketing firm, “John Land Le Coq is the founder/CEO of both Fishpond and Lilypond, Inc. As the creative director, John is responsible for all product design and development, as well as the branding communication. Founded in 1999 in the high country of Colorado under the base of the Eagle Nest Wilderness area, the company has become a worldwide brand of products designed and manufactured for the fishing and outdoor enthusiast.

Environmental responsibility and using the brand to promote conservation is a top priority. Both brands depend on the health and sustainability of our watersheds and open lands which are a shared connection to all consumers within our fragile ecosystem. As a company that offers outdoor products, it is important that both Fishpond and Lilypond use the business to spread the word on issues that revolve around the environment and places people recreate.

In addition to Fishpond, John has been an active advertising and commercial photographer, and for the past 35 years worked on assignment in 72 countries for some of the world’s leading corporations and magazines. From some of the largest cities to the most remote jungles, he has successfully produced images for ad agencies and creative professionals including Federal Express, UPS, DHL, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Levi’s, Nissan, Alamo, Hertiz, IBM, Disney… name a few.

Case Logic Inc was the foundation of his product design background. As the founding partner, he created what remains today as the world’s leading brand of music, photo and storage accessory products. “

For the 2014 season, Fishpond is rolling out 14 new fishing packs and vests that are built from recycled material to include commercial fishing nets that have been removed from the ocean and beaches. The use of recycles material helps reduce greenhouse emissions and the amount of manmade material littering our oceans and clogging our landfills.

This year the Fishpond Black Canyon backpack, which is made from recycled material, has won the Fly Fisherman “Green Award”. This pack has an adjustable external frame, offset air mesh back, and padded, contoured shoulder straps. The internal frame systems helps carry heavy loads and keeps one cool while hiking into remote fishing destinations. The pack has been designed to accommodate many of Fishponds fly fishing accessories. The Black Canyon has enough pockets to carry all the gear a fly fisherman needs for a full day of fly fishing.

If you like a bag with a kind of an old school / retro look, you might like the “Blue River” Chest / Lumbar Pack. It is a small weathered looking bag (9.5" x 5" x 7") with a main storage compartment with three interior pockets, a patented, molded zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam, tarpaulin tabs and elastic loops for accessory attachments, numerous attachment points for tools and hemostat and a molded, signature, zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam. This bag is just the right size to fit in your luggage when taking your fly fishing gear on your next business trip.

Lilypond is a full line of women’s outdoor bags that comes in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Like Fishpond, the Lilypond bags are manufactured from 100% recycled fabrics that are made from recycles water bottles. If you are like me, any plastic bottle we can take out of a landfill is just wonderful. The fact that Lilypond is using recycled fabrics is a win – win for all of us. Lilypond bags make great gifts all year long. Many of the bags can be used by everyone because of their gender neutral designs.

Depending on where one lives, there may not be a Fishpond or Lilypond dealer near you. If this is the case, you can order on the Fishpond and Lilypond web sites or from numerous online resellers.

Until next time, be safe in the sun and have a great day in the great outdoors.

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