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What is a Dogo Argentino?

Cripple Creek Shelter
Patricia McClain

Dogo is French for Mastiff.

A Dogo Argentino is a cheerful, high energy and very strong breed of dog that takes a special person to raise one properly. He has a need to be in physical contact with his caretaker; either with a lick to the face, a paw on your hand or sitting in your lap.

This breed is not for the first time dog parent. Their strength and energy can present a problem if they are not properly trained; they can weigh as much as 100 pounds or more (most of that is solid muscle). These dogs are very intelligent and can be a little intimidating to the uninformed bystander or unsuspecting new dog parent.

Two brothers from Argentina in 1920 started the breed because they needed a strong, big game hunting dog. The Dogo was bred with the characteristics of a loyal family companion, strength and agility for hunting wild Boar, plus a friendly disposition. They started with a Cordoba fighting dog, then added approximately 10 other breeds. These breeds included the Spanish Mastiff, Great Pyrenees, British Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Pointer and Boxer.

The Dogo has a fierce loyalty to their family and can be very dangerous in certain situations. This breed is friendly and happy until a situation presents its self; he will not start the fight, but will most likely finish it.

This is a beautiful and extremely powerful animal. This breed can become a loyal and dedicated companion, just like any large breed dog, as long as they receive the respect and training that is necessary. There are many animal shelters that specialize in the rescue of this wonderful breed.

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