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What is a cuckold relationship?

What is a cuckold relationship
What is a cuckold relationship

A cuckold relationship is when one person in a relationship can decide to have other lovers without seeking consent from the other person in the relationship. In such a relationship, one person is dominant while the other is submissive. The submissive partner is referred to as the cuckold. Before you get into this type of relationship, you have to be sure that you are ready to watch your partner have sex with other people or at least know that your partner is having a relationship with other people. A cuckold relationship is based on loyalty and trust.

For a cuckold relationship to work, you have to make the relationship your own. You have to agree with your partner about the things that work for you and those that don’t. You have to set parameters that guide your relationship. The key to success in a cuckold relationship is communication and compromise. You have to be honest with each other and talk freely about everything that affects your relationship. You have to compromise by accepting that you are going to share your partner (the person you love) with other people. To have a good cuckold relationship, here are some things that you should keep in mind. Read more:[ Cuckold lifestyle: Statistics show the lifestyle is on the rise]

1. What your partner wants

To have a successful relationship, you have to consider what your partner wants. If you don’t, it is highly unlikely that you will have a successful relationship. Ask yourself questions like; is my cuckold comfortable watching me have sex with another person? Some people love to watch while others don’t. If your partner does not like it, then don’t force him/her to watch it. Forcing your partner to do something that he/she does not want will destroy your relationship. You will never have a problem when you always do what your partner wants. If your partner loves to watch on the other hand, allow him/her to watch. Some cuckolds love to be humiliated verbally during sexual sessions. Check if your partner loves verbal humiliations or not. If he/she loves it, don’t hesitate to use it. If you are planning to get into a cuckold relationship, start by talking about it and setting everything on record.

2. The manner in which the relationship will be carried out

In most cases, cuckold relationships involve people who have been in a long term relationship or those who are married to each other. It is human nature to be bored with one person after staying together for a long time. For some couples, it may reaches a point where arousing each other becomes a challenge. Cuckold relationships help the cuckolds to be aroused when they see their partners having sexual relations with other people. Read more:[Cuckold dating: Benefits and tips for success]

Most times, this type of relationship works when you have no trust issues with your partner. When you trust each other, it will be easier to convince your partner to get into this type of relationship. If you have been having problems in your relationship on the other hand, it is not wise to suggest to a cuckold relationship to you partner. This suggestion can instantly destroy your relationship.

3. Choose your third party wisely

When you decide to get into a cuckold relationship, take your time to choose the person who will be the third party in your relationship. Both you and your partner should be comfortable with the new person that you want to bring into your lives. Also, you have to choose someone that both of you can trust. Without comfort and trust, you can never be happy in a cuckold relationship. Choose someone that both of you know so much about and that understands the rules of the relationship. A good place to find a third is on a swingers website like, just make sure to post on your profile that you are into cuckolding and looking for a third. All three of you should sit down and talk about what everyone wants from the relationship before going on with it. This way, everyone will have a peace of mind. Read more: [3 top swingers websites]

However, to get the most out of cuckold relationship, you have to do things your own way. Don’t stick to any rules. The most important thing that you do is stick to what you had agreed with your partner. Remember, you two are the most important people in the relationship. When the two of you are happy, there will be no problems. Problems will only arise when one of you is unhappy. Don’t be afraid to come up with ideas that can make the cuckold relationship better. Read more: [4 tips on how to make a cuckold relationship work]