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What inspires you?

Blue striped sicis mosaic mannequin
Blue striped sicis mosaic mannequin
Mosaic art source blog

It is easy to fall into the resolution stages of these first few months of the New Year, but how about actually doing something different this year.  Start over.  Start over as if something doesn't need to be changed, but as if our surroundings were new and exciting.  This would be including the way we express ourselves via fashion.  

The best thing about clothes and accessories is that they have the ability to be combined and worn in a number of ways.  This year, think of your body as a canvas and your clothes as the paint.  Wear what you want to wear, of course it is fun to be trendy, but it is even more fun to feel inspired and excited about what you wear.  

This year I want a fresh start, and I want my blog to be an outlet for all you fashion lovers out there.  I am not making unbearable resolutions, I am making a vow to myself.  So decide whatever that "new and exciting" thing may be and dive into it head first, I am starting with my appetite for fashion, I look forward to a wonderful year, and wish everyone a happy new year!