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What information to provide a potential buyer for your home

Home sellers often spend a great deal of time staging and removing clutter from their home to make it more appealing to the potential buyer. There are a few other things that may make your home more appealing as well. Your realtor can fill you in on some details as well. Here's some thoughtful things to leave for or offer your buyer.

Offer a Home Warranty. Be sure to offer a home warranty if possible. These types of assurances will be a comfort to buyers especially those buying an older home. Costly to fix or repair, older appliances covered under a warranty assure the buyer that they can have the item replaced once they purchase your home. Ask your realtor about this feature to receive full details.

Paint records. If you are like many sellers and decided to give your home a fresh paint job, either inside or out, keep a detailed list of the paints used. Consider offering the actual paint chips in a folder, along with whether the paint was matte, semi gloss or any other special feature. This way the home owner can easily find the same paint if they need it in the future. Often, homes get some wall damage when buyers are moving in. Having a folder with a record of the exact paints used will be especially helpful and if you really love the colors make a second record for yourself.

Repair or replacement records and manuals. If you replaced or made repairs to any major appliance just prior to or just after listing your home it is great to include this information in the folder with the paint records. A copy of the receipt, along with the operating or instruction manual is an extremely helpful thing for the buyers even if you have included a Home Warranty since it will give the new owner some idea of what the type of appliance was replaced, or repaired. This way they can easily give this information to the proper professionals.

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