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What if we say no to educating illegal aliens?

Illegal aliens demand open borders.
Illegal aliens demand open borders.
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The basis of the American form of government is encapsulated in part in the notion that any government can only govern at the consent of the governed. So what if the citizens begin showing this administration and its enablers in Congress, in addition to the courts, that we will no longer consent to any edict that is in violation of plain statements of law found in the U.S. Constitution? In short, what if we say no?

From all across the country reports have surfaced that the number of illegal aliens Obama has flooded into the country, illegally, will wreak havoc in the public schools. Many school districts state flatly that they don't have the money to pay for the onslaught. Others have reported that the mere logistics of attempting to accommodate the hundreds of new illegal students poses a major problem in terms of space. "Where are we going to put them?" they ask. "We are already unable to adequately accommodate the students we already have," they declare. Plus, "Where is the extra money coming from to feed them? To provide them with textbooks? And what about severe classroom overcrowding?"

To be blunt, Obama doesn't care. Neither do his enablers among the Democrats in Congress. Neither does the Republican elitist leadership. As long as they get what they want -- more votes even if they are cast illegally -- then the schools be damned.

The very same thing can be said about the healthcare system. Where is the free healthcare coming from that illegal aliens are quickly afforded? The aliens certainly don't have the money, and they have not paid into the system for it either. That means that the taxpayers are going to be hit with the bill.

But what if we say no? What if we refuse to cooperate? What if we say to the federal government that our patience with this regime is officially gone? That we will not allow illegals in our public schools? That no money will be given for extra food? That they will not be allowed to be "taught" but will be rounded up and placed in the gym? And what if we say no to the free healthcare to which the illegals think they are entitled, at our expense? Turn them out. Tell them to go to a Mexican hospital.

And I hate to say this, but tell the so-called "Christian" churches who harbor, hide, enable, and give sustenance to illegal aliens that they are anti-American and a shame and disgrace to the name "Christian." You should be outed for the charlatan heretics you are.

This is mean, heartless, and cruel, many "progressives" will say. No, I will tell you what is mean, heartless, and cruel. It is forcing American taxpayers to foot the bill for things they never agreed to finance. But you forced them to. Many of us have precious little money to begin with. Yet you confiscate it and use it to give to people who are not even citizens. Enough! Force the issue any further, and you will be bled dry straight into bankruptcy.

The next step will be millions of citizens refusing to pay taxes to the federal government, until you clean up your corrupt ways. What are you going to do then about your precious Obamacare, welfare for illegals, free education for illegals, and all of your other outrageous encroachments on our freedoms? Since the IRS is a lawless, criminal enterprise, as we all now know, then why should we the citizens pay them a dime anyway?

You had best get set and think through these issues long and hard. The citizens are getting very close to open widespread defiance. And when we do, you will get no more money. That means you get no salary. So, if having open borders and Obamacare and free everything else is worth losing your cushy government income over, then have at it. But don't expect any "compassionate understanding" on our part. You are bringing this on yourselves.

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