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What if the SAG Awards Didn't Exist?

Shailene Woodley of "The Descendants"

This December 14th, the SAG Awards were announced and 20 lucky movie actors and actresses got nominated along with five esteemed casts (the ensemble award is the only award I look forward to because it doesn't exist elsewhere).

The next day, the Golden Globes were announced and 16 of those actors and actresses were announced for that award as well.

Don't feel bad for snub Shailene Woodley. For her role in The Descendants, she has been nominated for a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, a Gotham Award, a Hollywood Film Festival Spotlight Award, an Indpendent Spirit Award, a National Board of Review, and nominations from the San Diego Film Critic Society and Washington Area Film Critics Association.

With all these awards being given out, we have to ask if we need any more. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the SAG not have an awards ceremony. The Screen Actors Guild consists of approximately 200,000 people. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences consists of 1,183 actors .

So by that math, over 99% of SAG members don't get to vote for the Oscars. But the important thing is that any actor is eligible to be nominated for an Oscar whether they're in the Academy or not. If they want to vote, they can do an instant poll. If it's about showing love and support to their fellow actors, there are ways to do that without involving a televised ceremony.

The net effect is that the Oscars are less exciting as a result because if the winners of the SAG were the same as the Golden Globe and Oscar winners, then viewers at home will have seen the Oscar winner give the same speech three times. It will also make the event more predictable (Although that ship has sailed).

Besides, the Academy has a rule (it might be unofficial) that voters are not allowed to reveal who they voted for. So how can expressing your vote through a different awards ceremony be valid? If critics or broadcast journalists want to join in the silliness of awards giving, fine, but Hollywood has an avenue of giving themselves awards and they don't need anymore.


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