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What if the Celts draft Dante Exum?

Coach Brad Stevens and the Celts will have a lot of questions to answer with whoever they draft this June
Coach Brad Stevens and the Celts will have a lot of questions to answer with whoever they draft this June
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

With the Celtics draft position up in the air right now, let’s look at a possible selection for the team in the upcoming draft.

What happens if the C’s take Australian point guard Dante Exum? Not much is known about Exum since he didn't play any college basketball in the states. The very few highlights available are from his draft express page

The word that comes to mind when seeing Exum’s highlights is young. His body type to me looks similar to that of Rajon Rondo's in college. Exum has a lot of potential and tons of upside, but it is tough to predict what position he will play in the NBA. Is he a point guard or is he better suited to play off the ball like he was in most of his highlights.

But what would happen if the Celts were to take Exum? There are numerous questions that could be asked if Exum is eventually picked by Boston.

What to do with Rondo? Rondo’s pending free agency after next season is priority number one for the Celts management once training camp comes around. If the Celts believe Rondo is the long term solution, then they will have to hammer out a contract that will probably land in the 15-19 million dollar range. But if the C’s were to select Exum, this could ease the nerves with what to do with Rondo. Unless the Celts can land a big trade this summer for high end talent, it’s more likely that they will have another down year next season. Would it make sense for the Celts to take Exum and then shop Rondo for pieces for the future?

Avery Bradley’s future: If the Celts take Exum and want to team him with Rondo in the backcourt, then there’s a good chance we have seen the last of Bradley in a Celtics’ uniform. Exum could be more cost effective than Bradley, who could make 5-9 million dollars per season on the open market this summer. There is always the chance that the Celts draft Exum, and play Bradley off the bench, but it is tough to justify paying Bradley that much money if he isn’t starting. Bradley has shown throughout his career that he is more valuable as a starter.

Will Exum play right away? The answer to this question depends on how Exum fits in Coach Stevens’ system. If he and the coach see eye to eye on things, then there is a good chance that Exum will start, with or without Rondo on the team. I don't see the C's selecting someone like Exum so high and not playing him the maximin minutes.

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